ELDOA 4 Certification



ELDOA 4 Education Course – A combination of virtual and in-person training.


Virtual Lecture with Guy VOYER DO, August 25-26 2022

IN PERSON October 7-9 2022 

It is required to attend both the virtual and in-person lectures. There is no option to attend the entire course virtually. 

Price: Euro 750 – virtual lecture with Guy VOYER, DO. To register for the virtual lecture, contact Lydie VOYER at lydie@somavoyer.com

Price: $1,399 – in-person training in NY with Bryce Turner

Re-take: For payment link and more details, please contact info@feet-ness.com



Completing ELDOA 4 is a milestone in the fascinating ELDOA journey. Upon completion of this course and passing written and practical exams, you will become an official Certified ELDOA Trainer and part of an elite group of practitioners around the world. 

Theory: You will spend 2 days via ZOOM learning about the pelvic axes and the ELDOA for the pelvis and sacroiliac joints, including the important review of Level 1-3 with Guy VOYER DO.

Practice: You will spend 3 days IN-PERSON training with Bryce Turner in NY (location TBD). 

The Instructor Bryce Turner

Since 2012, Bryce Turner has been studying under the world-renowned French Osteopath Guy VOYER, DO. He graduated from the SomaTraining™ & SomaTherapy™ programs in 2016 and as a Certified ELDOA™ Trainer in 2017. In 2014, under the guidance and instruction of Guy VOYER DO, Bryce entered into the Osteopathy program at Sutherland Academy in Montréal, Canada (Académie Sutherland d’Ostéopathie), and continued in VOYER’s new Osteopathy School at UFHEC, Santo Domingo, D.R. He is a graduate candidate as an international DO of 2023. Bryce Turner, c0-owner of Beach Fitness, is one of the most sought after ELDOA instructors. 

Length of course: 2 days of virtual lectures with Guy VOYER DO (Aug 25-26th) and 3 days IN-PERSON Oct 7-9th with Bryce Turner. 

Prerequisite: ELDOA Level 3 or having completed and Graduated the SomaTraining Program.

Exam: Written and Practical Exam for completion and Graduation of ELDOA 4.

In order to graduate from ELDOA Level 4 as an ELDOA Trainer, students must pass a written exam about the history of the ELDOA according to Guy VOYER DO, and discuss the comprehensive methodology that forms the basis of the ELDOA techniques. Students present two ELDOA techniques and their corrections in front of Instructor Bryce Turner as part of a practical exam (one ELDOA from Level 1-2, and one ELDOA from Level 3). Marks will be given and students must pass these tests to graduate ELDOA 4 and before proceeding to ELDOA Level 5.1. All exams are reviewed with the final approval by Guy VOYER, DO.

Certification: Upon completion of this course a diploma will be given to authorize the student as a Certified ELDOA Trainer.