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5 weeks of JUST ELDOA!

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

In this program of 5 classes we'll go from the ELDOA of the spine to the ELDOA of the shoulders and from the ELDOA of the coxo-femoral joint to the ELDOA of the SI Joint focusing on the different factors of progression and the precision of the execution.

Class #1: ELDOA of the Spine

Class #2: ELDOA of the Spine

Class #3: ELDOA of the Shoulders and hips

Class #4: ELDOA of the Pelvis (SI joint, sacrum and pubis symphysis)

Class #5: ELDOA review 

This Program is for everyone who loves to move and is used to independent workouts. 

75*-minute classes (1-hour exercise and 15 minute questions to follow) *if you are able to attend only the exercise part it’s not a problem

Wednesdays at 12pm (12-1:15pm) EST -- From June 14th to July 12th

All workout classes present a variety of progressions and postures.

Recordings are available for 4 days

We encourage everyone to enroll in the Full Program to get the most out of it.

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