STRETCHING & ELDOA (Live ZOOM Classes - Fall 2021)


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5 weeks of MFS and ELDOA!

Level: beginner-Intermediate

This class will hit all the important stretches that almost everyone needs and also the most common ELDOA postures. The combination of Myo-fascial stretching (MFS) some GPS and ELDOA will make you feel like new.

This will be a great workout for the end of the week! Runners, peloton aficionados, everyone who sits in front of a computer for hours a day will have a huge benefit from this class by feeling better (no more back pain) and by improving their performance.

This Program is  for everyone who loves to move and is used to independent workouts. 

75*-minute classes (1-hour exercise and 15 minute questions to follow) *if you are able to attend only the exercise part it’s not a problem

Fridays at 2pm (2-3:15pm) EST -- From October 1st   to October 29th ***

*** The class on October 15th could be rescheduled!

All workout classes present a variety of progressions and postures.

Recordings are available for 24 hours

We encourage everyone to enroll in the Full Program to get the most out of it.

All sales are final.