MYO-FASCIAL Stretching Program


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6 weeks to get started with MFS and feel like new!

MFS is:

  • active
  • prevents injuries
  • accelerates recovery
  • Improves performance
  • Improves posture

This Program is designed both for new and experienced practitioners.

75*-minute classes (1-hour exercise and homework/questions to follow)

*if you are able to attend only the exercise part it’s not a problem

Mondays at 2pm (2:00-3:15pm) EST

From October 5th to November 9th

Start the week with a restoring class that makes you feel as good as you’ve ever been!

In the 6 sessions we’ll go over the most important and common stretches and different variations. From the soleus to the pec major, the rectus femoris, the latissimus dorsi and the many variations of the ilio-psoas muscle… This is a gift to YOUR body and something your clients will benefit from as well!

All workout classes present a variety of progressions and postures.

Recordings are available for 24 hours


We encourage everyone to enroll in the Full Program to get the most out of it.

All sales are final.