ELDOA Program - Advanced


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6 weeks to deepen your practice and understand how to include the most complicated ELDOA postures into a class setting.

This Program is designed for current Student Practitioners, ELDOA Trainers or anyone who has been using ELDOA for a long period of time. (no beginners or Students with little to no experience)

75*-minute classes (1-hour exercise and homework/questions to follow)

*if you are able to attend only the exercise part it’s not a problem

Wednesdays at 2pm (2-3:15pm) EST

From September 30th to November 4th 


1st Session - September 30th: Hard Core Spinal ELDOA - Workout Class at a high-level intensity for some of the most important ELDOA postures of the spine. Get ready to sweat, work hard and end taller than you started.

2nd Session - October 7th: The breathing and the T-L spine - Workout class exploring the postures of the ribcage and lumbar and thoracic spine that will help you breathe deeper and easier. 

3rd Session – October 14th: ELDOA for the Pelvis - Workout Class that focuses on the lower lumbar postures but also SI joint ELDOA postures and Coxo-femoral. Great for everyone and anyone that has significant imbalances at the pelvis.

4th Session – October 21st: The T Spine and the Ribcage - Workout Class that focuses on deepening the rotation at the T-spine. Great for golfers and rotational sports!

5th Session – October 28th: The Shoulders and the Cervical Spine - Workout Class that focuses on the ELDOA of the Cervical Spine and the Shoulders. These two areas are very much related and sometimes issues in one place are caused by imbalances in the other.

6th Session – November 4th: ELDOA remix - We’ll remix the most requested ELDOA postures in a class that will include spinal, shoulder, ribcage and pelvic ELDOA.

All workout classes present a variety of progressions and postures.

Recordings are available for 24 hours

Homework will be assigned to feel the benefit that only consistency can help you achieve.


We encourage everyone to enroll in the Full Program to get the most out of it.

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