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I have to make a confession! When I was newly certified in Pilates I didn’t like to be assigned to pregnant women because no one really taught me what is right to do and not. Forget diastasis… until I underwent my Soma-Training studies also that part was very uncertain.

This workshop is for Pilates instructors and fitness professionals that want to feel more comfortable teaching pregnant women and women coming back to the studio after delivery.

If you are not an instructor but you are planning to start a family or are already expecting and you want to take your workout regimen under control you are very welcome to attend!

For post-pregnancy the focus will be the diastasis recti: Many women find out what a DIASTASIS is only after they deliver. Not too many OBGYN talk about it and honestly not too many women want to share their frustration about it, and they keep it silent.

 In this workshop a review of the anatomy of the abdominal cavity: abs, diaphragm and pelvic floor will help you customize a safe and beneficial workout for your clients.


  • How to breathe to work out safely
  • First Trimester- Second Trimester - Third Trimester
  • Education process to delivery



  • Diastasis
  • How to get your body back

 4 + hours of recording from the live event: anatomy of the abdominal cavity: abs, diaphragm and pelvic floor presentation. The importance of breathing correctly both during the pregnancy and post pregnancy will be reviewed and specific exercises will be provided (no apparatus needed).

The diastasis recti will be explained on the presentation and many variations of the proper exercises will be reviewed in a practical movement session.

PDF of the Power Point Presentation used during the LIVE will be uploaded on the workshop page after the live event.

3.5+ hours of videos recorded in a fully equipped Pilates studio. The videos are organized and chronologically listed (pregnancy & post pregnancy) and are titled according to the content or the piece of apparatus that’s been used.

A table of contents will let you know where you can find the exercise you are looking for.

You will have access to the private page for 6 months.