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 5 EXTRA weeks of Tone & FEET 

Wednesdays at 12pm (12-1:15pm) EST -- From February 17th to March 17th 

We often talk of segmental strengthening in our workshops and classes, now it’s time to dive in!

The classes will be dynamic and will move at a good pace: Glutes, abs, inter scapular muscles, serratus, diaphragm and many more muscle groups will be the focus of our toning classes. We’ll work a lot segmentally but occasionally we’ll also put the work together in more global movements like the the squat.

Can the feet be excluded? Absolutely not! We’ll always start at the foundations with activation exercises, warm up drills and also getting into plyometric work.

Rescue LOOP will occasionally be used for a few exercises: if you own one keep it handy, if you don’t you can either purchase it with a 10% discount (reach out to or execute the exercises without the spring resistance.

This Program is  for everyone who loves to move and is used to independent workouts. Level: intermediate

75*-minute classes (1-hour exercise and 15 minute questions to follow) *if you are able to attend only the exercise part it’s not a problem

All workout classes present a variety of progressions and postures.

Recordings are available for 24 hours

We encourage everyone to enroll in the Full Program to get the most out of it.

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