The ITP, will give you all the tools to master the work on the feet, supplement it in your practice and teach group classes yourself. We’ll also focus on the foot/rest of the body relationship with the purpose of connecting the two and improve posture.
We’ll constantly monitor your progress and be there to help any time you need us: during the study, to prepare the test and after you get the Diploma to help you set up the class. Just let us know


WHAT you will get with FEET-NESS™ ITP:

Manuals for Anatomy, most common Pathologies and analysis of the movements of the ankle-foot complex

How to organize a class and suggested outlines to get started quickly

Your own Rescue LOOP® included

E-Books with three levels of exercise to suit all clients

40+ comprehensive online video tutorials

How to utilize the Rescue LOOP® for maximum impact

Social Media package to promote your FEET-NESS™ Class

FEET-NESS™ Certificate of Completion

CECs for your continuing education

Featured newsletters and placement on the FEET-NESS™ website

Resell Rescue LOOP ® in your studio. It’s a great complement to Pilates and gym equipment for clients on the go

EXCLUSIVE access for both the program and Rescue LOOP®.


As a FEET-NESS™ Instructor you’ll be able to:

Market yourself as a FEET-NESS™ Instructor

Offer standalone FEET-NESS™ classes or incorporate
the work into your private training or classes

Use the FEET-NESS™ marketing materials to promote yourself and your business

Be recognized as an expert in foot health

Give more visibility to your business or studio thanks to the web presence

Offer FEET-NESS™ workshops to your community



You can complete the whole program at your pace and from anywhere in the world, thanks to the online platform. You’ll be supported by our suggestions to approach the study but at the same time you’ll be free to take as little or as long as you can/want. We know that with a minimum commitment of 4 hours a week (between theory and practice of the exercises) it won’t take more than 10 weeks.
You’ll be asked to take quizzes relative to the manuals and to send a video of you teaching a FEET-NESS™ session/class to be considered a FEET-NESS™ instructor and receive all the benefits* and CECs. (9 PMA CECs)




16 hours spread over 2 days of lectures, practice and work in small groups. With the LIVE seminar you are immersed into anatomy, pathologies, methodology, most common modifications and contraindication guidelines regarding the foot/ankle complex in relationship to posture.
Attendees will also have access to an online platform to download additional e-books and access the video library.
After attending the seminar students will still need to take the quizzes online and they will be required to send in a video of themselves teaching for the practical part of the test. After completing these steps, they will be recognized as FEET-NESS™ Instructors and they will receive the PMA Certificate (16 credits).


WHAT a FEET-NESS™ ITP LIVE Seminar includes:




  • Anatomy of the feet
  • Anatomy relationship and connections between the feet and the body above
  • Most common pathologies of the feet
  • How to use Rescue LOOP®
  • Practice teaching in small groups
  • Learn how to teach the FEET-NESS™ Group Class
  • And connect with fitness professionals that think alike to build “grounded” business relationships for the future!



With the LIVE seminar you are immersed into anatomy, pathologies, methodology, most common modifications and contraindication guidelines regarding the foot/ankle complex in relationship to posture. As you enroll you will receive access to an online platform so that you can download the manuals ahead of time. You will continue to have access to the online platform also after the LIVE COURSE and you will also find videos, e-books and tutorials to consult after. Closer to the start day you will receive a detailed program for the single sessions with focus (anatomy, pathology….), workout classes, community work and also breaks. (we all need a little snack, coffee and bathroom break in a 3-hour session. After attending the seminar students will still need to take the quizzes online and they will be required to send in a class outline. After completing these steps, they will be recognized as FEET-NESS™ Instructors and they will receive the PMA credits (16 NPCP credits).

April 10th 2021
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What FEET-NESS Instructors say about FEET-NESS:

"I came to Feet-ness after having 3 reconstructive foot surgeries as a teenager, and also suffered 2 major ankle injuries in the past few years. Feet-ness as a program has been the perfect combination of safe, effective, challenging, and fun! It has been a wonderful "next step" for me after ankle injury rehab, and I've been able to strengthen the rest of my body as well as my feet and ankles.

I can't say enough good things about the ZOOM Live ITP with Ilaria. The format was perfect for fitting into my busy schedule, with enough time between lectures to review the material. While the Feet-ness ITP covers more foot anatomy than I've experienced in other trainings (which I love as a foot nerd!), Ilaria explained everything to us in a way that was easy to understand, and was always available when we had questions. Ilaria was always encouraging as we practiced teaching on each other and planned a Feet-ness class outline. The Rescue Loop is such an effective tool for connecting the feet to the whole body - and the perfect size for home workouts! I could feel a difference in my feet and ankles, both in terms of strength and mobility, after our class workouts!

I feel confident teaching Feet-ness to my clients, and they are already seeing a difference in their activities like walking, running, and playing sports. I would recommend the Feet-ness training to any movement teacher!"

- Tara Becker –

"I will never forget my first class: I felt like I was 10 years younger and had no discomfort in my body for even days after. I was sold and could't wait to learn more about it. As I went through the virtual course, Ilaria made it fun and easy to understand, I practiced on me and clients and saw very quick results on us. One client injured his ankle and I was able to apply what I learned, and his healing process went fast, and we keep working on it. I always know the body is connected, but how deeply from the feet to the head is amazing, beautiful, outstanding...

I can only highly recommend this program!!! You will get a lot and Ilaria takes the time to answer all your questions!"

- Bianka Brunhilde Steinfeldt –

"FEET-NESS has helped me see the body (mine and my clients) in a new way. Learning this technique has been a short cut or back door to achieving goals and accessing muscles that were previously incredibly difficult to activate.It is a fast track to changing weakness into strength all over the body, from the bottom up."

"The online course was such a luxury to do on my own timing and pace. I also love having all the information as a constant reference. I am always referring back to the anatomy and pathology section to better educate myself on formulating the best class for my clients!"

- Brooke Chaffee –

"As a skier, mountain climber, former competitive bicycle road racer, mountain biker, sport climber….my feet were very unhappy with me….Hammer toes, bunions, painful areas that I simply endured to be able to compete, and continuously enjoy extreme adventures. Then I embraced the Rescue Loop and with daily practice of the many wonderful exercises that the FEET-NESS program offers, my feet are so much happier with my many adventures, even embracing the long day of extreme skiing with super tight ski boots.

FEET-NESS works!.

Embrace the joy of Happy and Healthy feet and adventures become much better indeed!"

- Don Spence –

"FEET-NESS is the missing link. Incorporating FEET-NESS into all my workouts personally and professionally makes all our workouts more efficient and impactful.

Personally, with FEET-NESS I’m feeling muscles I’ve never felt before and am able to kayak, hike and stand for long hours with less pain and more enjoyment. With my clients as they become stronger they’re able to do activities that they had dismissed before. Both myself and my clients are seeing differences in our bodies and our abilities that make us excited to learn more."

- Laura Sifuentez -

"I became immediately interested in the FEET-NESS program, as I am well aware of how important feet are for our posture.
Working with dancers I am constantly dealing with feet conditions and injuries and I find the Rescue Loop is an incredible tool for them, it is great to increase foot strength and flexibility, as a warm up before class and to work the intrinsic muscles. I had great outcomes using it to treat ankle sprains, bunions and stiff feet. The dancers totally loved it and some were amazed to see how much a little spring can make not only their feet, but also their turn out stronger!

I really enjoyed the online program, I could do it at my own pace and it was clear and well designed. Moreover, Ilaria was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and gave me some very interesting feedback."

- Maria Chiara Galvan –

If you are interested in hosting a FEET-NESS™ Training Program in your Studio