On this page you will find the descriptions of the workshops that I’ll be teaching on ZOOM throughout the year. The topics go from the shoulder and Pilates, to session endings, from working with pregnant women to working with women post-partum and specifically diasthesis and so on… When the workshop allows it, an in-depth anatomy presentation will be included in the zoom live event. If you have a specific topic or apparatus (for Pilates) that you would like to see featured, please let us know.


“The Pain Free Shoulder”

Join me LIVE on ZOOM for the first part of this workshop.

You can pick the date of the LIVE part of this workshop that works best for you

Friday November 13th from 6pm to 9pm EST
Sunday November 15th from 11am to 2pm EST


How many times do clients with major or minor shoulder issues come to us seeking help? How many times have I had instructors asking me: Is it safe to bring the arms over head with a labrum tear? How can I help a rotator cuff inflammation? A frozen shoulder? and so on…

In this workshop an in-depth review of the anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulders will help you make educated decisions for your clients’ session.

We’ll learn exercises that can be executed anywhere that will help us restore the range of motion and stabilize the shoulder girdle. We’ll also review important exercises in the Pilates system to help a frozen shoulder slowly regain the range of motion and the rotator cuff muscles to regain their strength.



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Remote Learning Workshop

3 hours of live recordings: in-depth anatomy-biomechanics presentation and discussion on how to manage the most common issues at the shoulder: rotator cuff inflammation/tear, frozen shoulder, unstable shoulder, rounded back…


A movement class focuses on extra shoulder exercises that do not require equipment.

PDF of the Power Point Presentation relative to the anatomy of the shoulder.

2 hours of videos recorded in a fully equipped Pilates studio. The videos are organized per type of apparatus we are working on, not according to the injury but explanations are always given for the purpose of what we are doing. A table of contents will let you know where you can find the exercise you are looking for.

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16 hours spread over 2 days of lectures, practice and work in small groups. With the LIVE seminar you are immersed into anatomy, pathologies, methodology, most common modifications and contraindication guidelines regarding the foot/ankle complex in relationship to posture.
Attendees will also have access to an online platform to download additional e-books and access the video library.
After attending the seminar students will still need to take the quizzes online and they will be required to send in a video of themselves teaching for the practical part of the test. After completing these steps, they will be recognized as FEET-NESS™ Instructors and they will receive the PMA Certificate (16 credits).


WHAT a FEET-NESS™ ITP LIVE Seminar includes:




  • Anatomy of the feet
  • Anatomy relationship and connections between the feet and the body above
  • Most common pathologies of the feet
  • How to use Rescue LOOP®
  • Practice teaching in small groups
  • Learn how to teach the FEET-NESS™ Group Class
  • And connect with fitness professionals that think alike to build “grounded” business relationships for the future!

How does this blend of Live/Remote learning work?

  • As soon as you sign up you will have access to the private page where you can find the videos pre-recorded in the Pilates Studio. We encourage you to look at them so that you will have more questions during the LIVE Event, and you’ll get the most out of this experience.
  • Review the shoulder anatomy on your own
  • Attend the LIVE and be ready with all your questions: regarding the videos, regarding your shoulder issues, regarding your client’s shoulder issues….
  • Re-watch the recording any time you like and watch the workout videos again to refresh the many exercises that can help you and your clients to have a “Pain Free Shoulder”