It’s finally here!

FEET-NESS™ Membership

- The full Body Workout -

Are YOU:

  • Someone who wants to work out in your home and need motivation?
  • Someone who wants to improve your level of fitness and wellbeing keeping safety as a priority?
  • Someone who understands the importance of including the feet in your workout routine?
  • Tired of paying for a gym membership and ending up not using it
  • A Pilates Instructor or a Trainer who is interested in going deeper in the monthly topics?
  • A Pilates Instructor or a Trainer who wants some coaching and guidance?

FEET-NESS Membership is for YOU!

The Membership has been in my plans for a while: both Instructors and clients have been asking me for videos and a common hub where we can all meet. This difficult time we are living seems the moment in time where it’s needed the most. I felt the need to get together and share what I believe in, and what changed me and my clients’ lives. In this renewed Membership I’ll share all the tools I learned during these past 14 years with YOU so that we can stay healthy, prevent injuries and stay sane wherever this “new normal” is bringing us to.

Whether you are an instructor looking for education, ideas, support and guidance or a client looking for continuity and tangible results in your fitness journey, FEET-NESS Membership is right for you.





Enjoy 20% off most live classes and workshops with Ilaria

(with all plans)


  • 2 new body workouts.
  • 1 new workout with Rescue LOOP*.
  • A GUIDE that will deepen the topic of the month.
  • A Zoom Conference call where your questions can be answered, and the topic of the month will be analyzed.
  • Zoom Conference recording available to everyone on the site!
  • Injury prevention tips.
  • In depth approach to foot-fitness.
  • Variety of workouts that go from Pilates, Foot-Fitness, ELDOA, Segmental Strengthening, Squats, Myo-Fascial Stretching, Cardio and Recovery Solutions.
  • Workouts where the common denominator is posture and balance in the body for an efficiency in life and performance.
  • 50% off Rescue LOOP with either yearly subscription!
  • 20% off most live classes and workshops with Ilaria (with all plans).

Affordable and convenient, you can choose between the monthly and yearly Membership.

Subscription starting at $0.82 a day!

3 day FREE trial

Monthly Plan

$45 per month

Same benefits of the
yearly membership with
a higher cost

20% off live classes and workshops*

Yearly Plan

$ 299 per year

Almost half the price
of the monthly subscription

Our most popular
membership option!

20% off live classes and workshops*

50% off Rescue LOOP

*FEET-NESS ITP, ELDOA Certifications and MFS certification not subject to discount

What members say about FEET-NESS™ Membership:

“I’m really enjoying the feetness membership and highly recommend it for all, clients, instructors, or anyone who wants to learn about posture and a healthy body. As an instructor, I love the monthly conference calls as another resource to ask questions and keep on learning. Along with the conference calls, there’s also a video library where all the videos of the past months are posted. The video library is an endless resource and inspiration for me that helps me to plan my classes and my sessions. With the short videos that are laid out in an easy to follow calendar that builds you to progress week by week, I can get my workouts in on my breaks. I’d have to say my favorite video is the tone and squat video. It’s a well-rounded workout that leaves you feeling strong."

- Laura Sifuentez -

Pilates Instructor

“I am really enjoying the workouts. I find them easy to commit to (I love the calendar function). I like the format, the variety, the different levels easy/harder and in general ilaria’s cues are REALLY spot on to get the proper form in the exercise (that’s really important to me to stay injury free). I am yet to get bored even as I have identified some favorites that I do over and over again! The focus of the featured guide has been spot on for weaknesses and areas of strengthening. I am very very happy….”

- O. H. -