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Specific Proprioception & Awareness

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Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Sunday: 9am to 4pm
Location: ARRIVE Wellness

Proprioception: The physiology that controls an articulation depends on numerous control mechanisms located in the muscle tendons, ligaments and articular capsule. Therefore, it is advisable to train these "micro-computers"to increase or revive control of a joint. Following a sprain, to treat arthrosis, to recover articular mobility, and to improve efficiency of movement, these various aspects of proprioception must be trained.
“However, this work must be very precise. Because it is not the joint that is trained as a whole but a specific ligament or part of the capsule within that joint.”
This class will teach the hundreds of exercises that may be used throughout the body for this proprioceptive work.

Awareness: How can an articulation be trained, a muscle strengthened, or a posture corrected, if the brain does not know the area being treated? How does a spine remain straight, if the feeling of being straight is skewed? The cortex must be trained to become acquainted with and recognize every area of the body. A strict methodology involving four progression factors is indispensable to really becoming familiar with the pelvis; the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine; and the various diaphragms.
You will learn how to apply the very important and often neglected aspect of awareness in your daily practice.

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    Specific Proprioception & Awareness
    Specific Proprioception & Awareness Sale price$800.00